on Apr 05, 2022 2:30:09 PM

Level Progress Update

Hubbell Realty’s newest apartment community, LEVEL @ Bridge District, is well underway near the East Village of Des Moines. It is located right downtown, making everything from the Capitol to your favorite restaurants walkable. We caught up with Tyler Edgington from Hubbell Construction Services to learn more about the project and how it’s going.

When did the project get started?

Tyler: “We started going vertical with precast structure in the middle of December - iron workers have been here battling the elements pretty much all winter.”

What about the number of units, and the layout of the building itself?

Tyler: “Total units is 114. There’s 10 on the first level - walk-up, street-side door fronts, and then the rest being at floors two through five. It will go up about 65 feet to the parapet roof. The level three units on the south side will all have walkout rooftop patios, so I would imagine you’ll be able to see quite a ways into the downtown area.”

Can you tell us more about the view of downtown?

Tyler: “The view is looking southwest, you’ll have front row seating to the skatepark for sure.”

How is the building process going?

Tyler: “Things are going pretty well. We’re starting to build momentum as the iron workers are getting done with precast… they’re setting structural steel right now, so things are starting to ramp up.”

Any idea when the project will be completed?

Tyler: “Mid-April we’re slated to do a wood framing start, so targeted completion as of today is July of 2023.”

Do you enjoy the experience of helping lead the development of such an influential portion of downtown?

Tyler: “It’s definitely a rewarding experience. I think it’s cool that I’ve been a part of all of the large projects down in the Bridge District area here too, so it’s nice to be able to finish it off.”

As Tyler hinted at, this is currently the final community Hubbell is planning on developing in the Bridge District area, located right next to The Banks at Bridge District. To see the full update from Tyler, view the video here, and to see how LEVEL is developing, drive by on I-235 and check in on the progress.