on Jan 25, 2019 2:32:21 PM

What Does an Apartment Maintenance Technician Do?

The skilled trades offer great career opportunities for those who like working with their hands. Apartment maintenance technician is one of the many positions that can provide a great wage without requiring expensive and time-consuming post-high school education to get started. For an apartment maintenance technician, the important thing is to have the practical skills necessary to get the job done right, on time, and with a positive, helpful attitude.

Why do people love this job?

People who are a good fit for apartment maintenance love the job for several reasons. It provides them a great deal of variety, presenting new tasks and challenges every day—and, as a result, the opportunity to gain lots of handy new skills. Apartment maintenance involves a lot of personal interaction with residents and apartment seekers, coworkers and other staff, vendors, and contractors, so it’s a great job for someone who enjoys working with people. It can also be deeply rewarding to provide valuable services to people who depend on you, making sure the community is safe, comfortable, and beautiful for all who share it.

What do I need to be a good apartment maintenance technician?

An apartment maintenance technician must be able to perform routine maintenance and repair tasks competently and safely. Common maintenance and repair tasks can include everything from simple litter removal and weed pulling to HVAC, plumbing, appliance, carpentry, and electrical work. Physical fitness is also important as tasks may require substantial strength, agility, and stamina. Although college-level education isn’t necessary to make you a good candidate for this job, a high school or trade school diploma is often required. Good people skills are also essential: The apartment maintenance technician is responsible for responding to residents’ maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner as well as working with vendors, contractors, coworkers, and other staff to coordinate work and ensure it’s completed appropriately.

What is an apartment maintenance technician’s job like?

The apartment maintenance technician reports to the property manager, who assigns the exact day-to-day work to be completed. Tasks can be widely varied but commonly include:
  • Responding to residents’ requests for maintenance and repair, ensuring requests are fulfilled promptly and competently
  • Performing daily inspections of the property as well as maintenance and upkeep duties as necessary to maintain safety, comfort, and aesthetics
  • Making vacant units ready for new residents, maintaining appropriate checklists and assuring units are ready on time
  • Ordering parts and supplies as necessary to maintain inventory
  • Taking bids from and negotiating prices with vendors, contractors, and suppliers
  • Being available for periodic 24-hour on-call rotations to provide service in case of emergencies

Why work on the Hubbell Realty team?

Hubbell Realty Company values teamwork. We understand that by working together, we strengthen each other’s skills and abilities. Our apartment maintenance technicians work together across apartment communities, giving them the opportunity to teach and learn from each other. We also encourage all of our team members to pursue additional training to learn new skills. As an apartment maintenance technician, you can earn additional certifications that can enable you to advance to managerial or supervisory positions.

Additionally, our team often has a flexible work schedule as it is not a typical 9-5 job. We offer sign-on bonuses, training, and company shirts and hats, too! 

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