on Aug 22, 2019 12:20:21 PM

Why Personalized Home-Building Doesn't Have to be Scary

Creating your Personalized Home with Hubbell Homes

Customizing your future home can take your base floor plan from typical to atypical with just a handful of choices. Through Hubbell’s new home path, we make the choices easy and the process even easier. 

The First Step

The first phase of Hubbell’s three-step path to building ahome is all in pre-construction. Once you are pre-approved and have a signed purchase agreement, you get to choose your structural options. Hubbell Homes has more than 60 floor plans – all of which have their own uniqueness – featuring ranch, two-story, condominiums and the Urban collection of townhomes*. Many structural changes, like removal of walls, additions and other choices are possible during this step and these will all be approved during the floorplan process.

What’s the most fun step in all of the custom homebuilding process? Hubbell Homes Design Studio selections! During your design studio session, you will take 3-4 hours with Stacey and Bailey to choose everything from tile, cabinet colors and style, carpeting, exterior finishes, lighting and so much more. Our designers work hand-in-hand with our trade partners who make your selected finishes exactly the way you want. 

The Second Step

Once your floorplan and design selections are chosen, we approve those plans and they are locked in! Next up is the real construction phase where your dream home starts to physically and literally take shape. 

After the permissible city has issued the permits, we introduce you to your builders who will be there every step of the way. A review of the full plans and selections is made with a Building Superintendent who will be on site within the community while our teams and trades get to work. The first type of technical work includes excavation, plumbing, foundation, framing, roofing and HVAC. We even bring you on an electrical orientation to make sure all of the plug-in’s and switches are in the right location.

From there your home really takes shape with interior finishes like mirrors, shower doors, hardware along with carpet installation and an overall deep clean! Our superintendents also perform a quality inspection walk with you to ensure the home is built to the highest quality standards. 

The Third (and Final) Step

The final stage of owning your own personalized home comes with Hubbell Homes Warranty Workshop and final homeowner orientation. This is where you learn about basic new home maintenance – especially for those specialized areas of your home – as well as operation how-to’s. 

While you’ve been surveying the progress and process of your home build, the final step is what we call the Celebration Tour. This will be your time to give 100 percent sign off on the new home and everything inside. Once the keys are finally in your hands, it’s all about packing up and moving in! 

Hubbell Homes knows beginning the building process can be the hardest part! That's why we are so excited to show you all our finishes and how we can make this process easy, fun and rewarding all at once.


Download Our Guide to a Personalized Home

*These townhomes are only available in Gray’s Station and Bridge District communities.