on Apr 06, 2020 7:45:53 PM

Our Local Partners: A Tech Inc.

Our Local Partners showcases the great partnerships that Hubbell Realty Company has built with other local, Iowa-based companies that specializing in home building, construction, and so much more. This series highlights the ways our partners help us get the job done while keeping customer service and high quality as our top priorities. Our operations wouldn't be where they are today without Our Local Partners! 

A Tech Inc., The Easy Living Store has been a great (and extremely organized) local partner of Hubbell Homes, specializing in our closet designs and layouts. This locally owned company opened their doors in 1979. Their expertise goes beyond the closet space into laundry rooms, play spaces, offices and pantries too! With locations in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, this Iowa-based company covers a lot of ground and helps clients from all over the state. That's why we consider them a great local partner of ours. 

A Tech also offers a closet selector program that lets you test out various closet layouts based on the floorplan of Hubbell Home that you are building.

On a recent visit to their showroom, Bill Corwin said, "it allows the Hubbell Homes customer to go on our website , make selections from their home, couch or Design Center and the customer can do some pre-work before they come and see you."


Specializing in Commercial and Residential organization, A Tech has technology solutions for almost every space. Their team goal is to make your every day life easier and more organized. Some of their other offered services include security (home alarms and monitoring), audio/video theaters, custom closet and garage organization, and much more.

Curious about reorganizing your own space? Check A Tech out here: