on Oct 12, 2021 1:46:04 PM

Looking back on the 2021 Hubbell Extreme Build

The 2021 Hubbell Extreme Build Care for Kids has wrapped up after seven days of successful building at Easterseals Iowa Camp Sunnyside. The build takes the effort of 72 trade partner companies, hundreds of volunteer hours and some sincere dedication from our own Hubbell Construction Services and Hubbell Homes teams.

These teams spent the previous 2 years designing, scheduling and coordinating the efforts that unfolded over September 10-17 and it did not go unnoticed. We asked a variety of our leads and volunteers how much legwork goes into a Hubbell Extreme Build and what makes the build so special.

How many builds have you completed and what was your role?

“I was just a worker bee on the 2017 Ronald McDonald build – this time I was in charge of the build from conception to completion. I was lucky enough to be in on the design work starting last summer, the donation solicitation through the winter and spring, and finally the planning, execution and completion for Easterseals to open this month.” - Colleen Ladd, Hubbell Construction Services Senior Project Manager
2nd Build

“This is my third build and I’ve been one of the leads every time.” – Dave Neyens, Quality Care Coordinator with Hubbell Homes

“I have been a part of two Extreme Builds and for both builds, I have volunteered in a couple different areas but mainly on the nightly clean-up crew – where all the fun happens!” – Stacie Glienke, Hubbell Realty Company Multifamily Accounting Manager

“This is my third build as well and this time I was a lead Superintendent.” – Pat Crosby, General Superintendent Hubbell Construction Services

‘I had a smaller part in the Ronald McDonald house and did anything that needed done. I was the framing and exterior lead on the Easterseals build this time around.” – Tyler Edgington, Superintendent with Hubbell Construction Services

What was the most rewarding experience of this year’s build?

“I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of the families that use the childcare services currently at Easterseals & I’m thrilled that so many more people will have the opportunity to get to experience this wonderful organization through the new facility.” – Colleen

“The rewards were many, but our Hubbell team united as ONE to make this build one of the best yet. Nothing was better, though, than the children touring the build, the smiles on their faces and the high fives that followed!” – Pat

“The most rewarding part for me was seeing how excited the kids were about their new space. I had the opportunity to volunteer with a mom whose children attend the daycare and she was so excited for the new space. It was great to see and hear from the people who the build impacts!” – Stacie

“The most rewarding part of this years build was seeing the excitement and joy of the kids and campers as they toured the project. It was also very rewarding to see all of the pre-planning, pre-construction coordination and teamwork paying off to make the build flow as smoothly as possible.” – Tyler

Why is the Extreme Build a special experience for Hubbell associates/our team?

“The build is a special experience for associates as you get to volunteer and meet with other associates that you may not work with on a day-to-day basis. I have met many coworkers through each build that I may never work with in the office.” – Stacie

“I believe that the Extreme Builds are special to Hubbell and its associates because it’s a very over-the-top philanthropic experience that everyone can take part in. It’s an opportunity that could potentially change the lives of hundreds and thousands of end users in the future.” – Tyler

“This type of a project shows you what can happen when everyone bands together for a common goal. Yes, it was a lot of pre-planning but look what happened in just 7 short days as a result!” – Colleen

“It’s special because of the benefits to the community by giving back, and the way it brought many associates together with one common goal.” – Pat

What is one thing about the build that the Average Joe may not realize? (Ex.: How long it takes to plan, what hours we work, etc.)

“It’s really hard to make seven days look effortless. It takes months of preparation and negotiation behind the scenes - we started meeting with the donors and installation crews six months before the build took place to go over sequencing and schedule. There were several plan B’s & C’s that got called into play the week of the build, but no one would know because it all turned out in the end!” – Colleen

“Front end planning, conversations, organizing deliveries, etc., to 3rd party inspections, field verifying, our inspections, it was all smooth. The amount of double checking we all do before and during construction to make sure it is done well one time.” – Dave

“One thing that the general public may not recognize about these Extreme Builds is the extent of how generous the vendors and trade partners are with their contributions. These builds take an extreme amount of money, time and teamwork to accomplish. Our vendor and trade partner teams always step up to the plate.” – Tyler

“Many people have no idea how many hours of pre-planning go into a build such as this: the pre-construction meetings, the breaking down of the schedule into 30-minute increments. 30 minutes! The extreme toll of lack of sleep during the build week and the mental commitment it takes to see it through takes a lot, but like I said above, the smiles from the kiddos make it all worth it.” – Pat

“The structure came together in seven days, but there was a whole lot more that went into the build prior to those seven days and even after those days. We have a really talented team at Hubbell and not every company could make it happen.” – Stacie