CBRE| Hubbell Commercial announces 2020 brokerage awards and recognition

West Des Moines, IA (April 6, 2021) – CBRE | Hubbell Commercial has released the 2020 CBRE Broker Awards, where leading real estate professionals are acknowledged for the past years’ transaction history and successes. The awards are as follows:

  • 2020 Broker of the Year – Tyler Dingel, Senior Vice President

  • 2020 Leader Most Transactions – Chris Pendroy, Vice President 

  • FM Hubbell Awards (21) - Max Colby, Tyler Dingel, David Eckley, Cy Fox, Linda Gibbs, Ray Hamilton, Marty Herrmann, Riley Hogan, Ryan Jensen, Craig King, Rick Krause, Harrison Kruse, Jon Ledinsky, Mike Macri, Todd Millang, Ajdin Nadarevic ,Chris Pendroy, Timothy Sharpe, Jeff Spence, Bill Wright and Grant Wright

Recently, Tyler Dingel was nationally recognized among the CBRE Americas Retail Top 25 Producers for 2020. Dingel is the only brokerage professional from Iowa and only one of three professionals based out of the Midwest to receive the honor. Dingel continues to be a leading commercial real estate professional with CBRE | Hubbell Commercial, and alongside his team, he completed 107 transactions for a total value of over $220 million in 2020.

Chris Pendroy has more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience in the Des Moines and Minneapolis/St. Paul markets. Pendroy and his team members, completed over 160 lease and sale transactions in 2020.  

The F.M. Hubbell award, named after the founder of Hubbell Realty Company, is a prestigious annual award given to the office’s leading real estate professionals.

“Despite challenging circumstances last year never witnessed previously, 2020 was an outstanding year in many facets. As a collective team, we were able to reach new heights and the Des Moines office established a new record for total leasing and sales volume in 2020. Our entire team, including team members in sales, marketing, and research, worked tirelessly last year and we were able to pivot utilizing new technology to best serve our clients across the country,” said Bill Wright, Managing Director and Senior Vice President with CBRE| Hubbell Commercial.