Des Moines Register: 6 Big Ideas for Downtown DSM

A connected greenway surrounding the city's core.

A reimagined skywalk with public art and new retailers. 

A revamped Keosauqua Way with roundabouts, green space and improved pedestrian access. 

These are some of the six ideas for a new 10-year vision for downtown Des Moines as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

City leaders released a draft concept of the Downtown DSM: Future Forward Vision Plan and Action Plan on Wednesday, with a goal of finalizing it this summer. Public comment will be taken into consideration before final plans are released.

On the west, planners envision the four-lane 15th Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and Ingersoll Avenue transformed into a "multi-modal urban street" with a pedestrian greenway. 

On the south, planners recommend extending the levee trail on the north side of the Raccoon River, which currently ends at the Jackson Street Bridge. This would provide a connection between Principal Park and the future Pro Iowa soccer stadium

Read all of the big 6 ideas HERE.