Des Moines Register: Take a look at Gray's Station's million-dollar custom stand-alone homes

Hubbell Realty Co. has released renderings of its new single-family homes — one of the only detached, custom builds available in downtown Des Moines.

The homes will be built on Gray's Parkway along the bike trail. They’re the latest additions to a stretch of townhouses, with the northernmost homes near Tuttle Street being attached with more units. But the neighborhood's newest additions aren't quite townhomes. Like their neighbors, the proposed homes are narrow, vertical multi-floor structures. However, they are completely standalone. No walls are shared and every property ― there are nine lots available ― has its own yard.

"There’s no one else that has the opportunity to offer this (downtown). Where else are you going to find the lots to do this?" Steph Reed, director of operations for Embarq Signature Homes, Hubbell’s custom homebuilding venture, said.

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