on Dec 27, 2019 2:07:05 PM

Take Advantage of Your Community Room

Community rooms are becoming popular features in apartment communities, and many residents find themselves wondering how to take full advantage of this useful amenity. A community room allows you to organize events and gatherings that your own apartment won’t comfortably accommodate. So, even if you’re living the efficient urban life in a 450-square-foot micro apartment, you can still host the next get-together right at home. Need some ideas? These are just a few of the ways you might use your community room:


College Football Party

Where will you be watching the 2020 Super Bowl in February? Your community room might be the perfect place. Whip up some of your favorite appetizers, stock the fridge with drinks, and invite your friends to gather around the TV.



Your apartment's community room is an ideal place for your next potluck event. Leave your own apartment just the way you like it – no need to clear off your counter tops or make room in your fridge. Your guests can relax and spread out in the ample space while they enjoy each other’s delectable concoctions.


Baby Shower

Your community room gives you the freedom to invite all of the expectant mother’s friends and family without the expense of renting a space or reserving a restaurant VIP room. Ample seating allows you to gather around to ooh and ahh over all the adorable tiny baby clothes while you enjoy your wine and cake.


Viewing Party

Are you and your friends hardcore fans of the Bachelor franchise? Why not get together every Monday in the community room for a viewing party? Not into roses? That’s ok – pick your favorite show, reserve the space, bring your favorite TV snacks, and enjoy!


Pool Tournament

Why spend the money going out to a bar when you can have your choice of snacks, beverages, and music or TV programming around the pool table in your own community room? At the end of the night, you’re only steps away from your front door.


Surprise Birthday Party

It can be tricky to plan a surprise party for someone you live with. When you use the community room, you don’t have to worry about getting your spouse or roommate out of the apartment to set up or persuading a relative to take your child out so you can surprise them when they come home an hour later. Do all your preparation out of sight, then causally walk the special someone down to the community room where cake, music, family, and friends await.
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