on Aug 21, 2020 10:40:22 AM

7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Over thirty-six percent of Americans make their home in apartments or multi-family rental communities, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC). Whether your apartment is small or spacious, whether you live there for a year or a decade, your personal touches are what will make it your home. If your apartment feels bland or generic, consider all these tips to help liven up your space and make it feel like home!

1. Light it up. 

Interior designers recommend at least three sources of light in each room. In addition to the overhead light that comes installed in most rooms, consider elements such as lamps or strings of lights to create different light effects. Incorporating mirrors and other reflective surfaces also brighten up a space. Think about how you want to use each room and choose lighting that fits those purposes. For example, you may wish to incorporate a table lamp next to your bed for late-night reading, or a tall lamp in your living room next to your couch for a warm glow instead of a harsh overhead light.


2. Make it yours.

Make it feel like home by hanging up photos that you love. Choose décor that reflects your taste and who you are. Remember it takes time to decorate, so don’t rush when picking out décor – it takes time to create a home, so take your time. Always surround yourself with things that you love and enjoy looking at. It will make a world of difference. One of the best things about moving to a new home is being able to decorate exactly how you want to – so have fun and go for it!

3. Lay down rugs. 

Rugs are the perfect accent piece to tie a room together. With hundreds of colors, texture, and variety you can add your personality to any room. They’re perfect to make a room feel cozier, and they are especially useful when you have a large open floor plan. With hundreds of options, you can find a rug that fits your apartment and makes it feel like home!


4. Invite guests.

There is something special about having a place where you can bring guests – it makes your home feel like your own. Always create a space that accommodates you, but also your friends and family. Whether you have a game night, movie night, or wine tasting at your place – invite your guests to come over because it can help make your space feel homier.

5. Add life. 

Did you know that half of all apartment residents are made up of single renters? Having someone (or something) to share your space can help it feel more like home. We encourage adding a houseplant, it can be a little easier than adding someone, especially if you prefer living alone! Houseplants are beneficial for many reasons - they require your care, beautify your apartment, and improve air quality. And if plants aren’t your thing, and you chose to live in a pet-friendly community, you may prefer to adopt a dog, cat, or another permissible animal companion.

6. Hang curtains.

Hanging curtains immediately makes a space feel homier. Not only can you personalize the look and feel of a room with an endless selection of colors and textures, but you can also affect the quality and quantity of natural light that streams in. Sheers in the living area may allow soft light to illuminate the social space while heavy curtains in the bedroom allow you to sleep in on those bright summer mornings.


7. Meet your neighbors.

When you move into a new community, greeting your neighbors can be a great place to start! Connecting with your neighbors can help you quickly begin to feel more familiar with the area, and make this new place feel like home. If your building has a community space - pool, game room, or fitness room, these can be great places to meet people who might have something in common with you. It always helps to introduce yourself when moving to a new area!


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