on Feb 15, 2020 8:40:55 AM

Living in a Dog-Friendly Apartment

In today's apartment search, one of the top-rated 'must haves' are pet-friendly apartments. A decade ago, it may have been a difficult search but today, it's as if more and more apartments are catering to the needs of pets and their owners.

Pet-friendly apartments are becoming more widely available these days, including the amenities like dog parks being available on site. Whether they personally keep pets or not, residents are also seeing the advantages of this new trend of catering to the large audience of pet-owning apartment seekers.

Pets are good for our health!

Studies have shown that spending time with pets provides us with many physical and psychological benefits. They encourage us to exercise, help us relax and connect and can give us unconditional love. According to WebMD,

  • People with pets are generally happier, less lonely, and more trusting than non-pet owners.
  • Babies raised in homes with pets are less likely to develop allergies and asthma and have fewer colds and ear infections than those in pet-less homes.
  • Dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-dog owners.
  • Petting a dog or cat lowers blood pressure, promotes the release of relaxation hormones, and reduces stress hormone levels.
  • Dogs help people connect with each other:
    • Dog owners who use wheelchairs report that others make more eye contact with them and offer more assistance when they are with their dogs.
    • Children relate better to their classmates with autism when pets are in the classroom.
Don't believe us? Hear from one of our VUE residents whose choice was centered around their pup!

Pets bring us together.

Dogs are naturally social, trusting, and gregarious. They generally love to meet each other as well as new humans when they have the chance. When you live in a pet-friendly community, the pets (yours or theirs) will introduce you to people. Some apartment communities are now incorporating common spaces especially for pets and their people, such as dog parks and pet grooming areas, making it even easier to meet your animal-loving neighbors.

What about barking?

If you’re considering renting a pet-friendly apartment, ask your property manager about the rules that apply to pets in the building and the process for addressing any problems you might encounter, such as noise, odor, or property damage. Also, it’s always a good idea to check out the manager or landlord with the Better Business Bureau and look for reviews on sites like Facebook or Yelp. This kind of research will give you some idea of the level of customer service you can reasonably expect.

Before you bring a pet home, check in with your property manager to see if there are any restrictions in your community. Once you've made the decision to add to a fur-friend to your apartment, be sure to puppy proof your space! It's the only way you'll save your stuff (and the apartment's too)!

Hubbell Realty provides a wide range of multi-family living options, including many communities that welcome and accommodate pets like Cityville on 9thand VUE apartments (both of which have dog parks, agility courses and pet wash stations) and so many more throughout central Iowa